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Would you like to compare flooring materials and colors in the lighting and room where they will be installed? Check durability? Think it over for a few days as you walk by the samples lying on the floor? We understand completely. New flooring is an investment in your home and it has to meet your unique needs while adding to the value of your home.

Browse our entire collection of cork, luxury vinyl, hardwood, bamboo, laminate and exotic wood flooring. Choose the flooring you’d like to see in person then feel free to order online, email us or call us at 877-676-4493 to order your flooring samples. Samples are an affordable and smart way to make sure you get exactly what you want. We’ll even take care of the shipping charges for you. If you wish to have your samples expedited, you can phone us Toll Free @ 877-676-4493.

A word of advice: Since wood and cork flooring are natural products, they will have variations in grain or hues. Standard samples are often cut from a full board and may not fully represent all the variations possible when installed across a large area. If you’d like to get a better visual of the installed look, we recommend buying a full carton.

Our free samples program is limited to two (2) samples sent per account. Multiple orders of Free Samples will not be honored unless prior approval has been granted by our staff.

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