“Ez_Cork” CORK FLOORING- a 100% ecological product. Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree and is a completely natural product. In fact, the trees are not damaged in the harvest and the bark grows back completely time and time again, taking a smoother texture after each harvest. It is one of nature’s truly inexhaustible resources.
The unique structure and composition of cork creates the three most important characteristics in its application as flooring. Cork floors offer pleasantly warm surfaces to walk on, are extremely elastic and absorb sound.

What makes our “Ez_Cork” cork flooring so unique?

Warm- Cork’s natural thermal insulation properties make ez_cork floors pleasantly warm. They provide a warm and cozy floor temperature even for bare feet, and make for a comfortable floor all year round.

Comfortable- Walking on an ez_cork cork floor cannot be paralleled in terms of comfort. Cork’s elasticity protects against and relieves strain on your feet, joints and back.

Quiet- The unique structure of cork makes all ez_cork floors particularly quiet. Cork reduces sound transmission between and within rooms, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment for your home.

Durable- ez_cork cork flooring withstands years of wear and still looks good as the day it was first laid. This is a result of the unique structure of cork and the extremely resilient surface finish.

Healthy- The surface finish on ez_cork floors prevent trapped dirt, dust, germs and mold, actively contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment.

Easy Maintenance- The hygiene features on ez_cork flooring make it easier for you to clean and maintain. A vacuum cleaner and a mop are all that is required to keep your floors looking as good as new. All ez_cork flooring are designed in such a way that they almost look after themselves.

Fast & Easy Installation- It has never been so easy to install ez_cork floors. The improved CORKLOC system for glueless floating installation means you save time and reduce installation costs.

The strongest cork floors ever are now finally available. The abrasion resistant surface is considered one of the most revolutionary new development in the flooring market. This significantly reduces the appearance of scratches, scuff marks, scoring and rough spots on valuable cork floors. Ez_Cork cork flooring has a high resistance finish giving each piece a soft and natural quality and not the usual slippery and cold characteristics of regular varnishes. High Resistance Finish is based on a ceramic solution and does not contain any harmful substances. As a result of the high resistance finish, your ez_cork flooring will last for a long period of time.

Price : $7.00

Quantity Square Feet  

Project Calculator

: Product Id MLW-GLAMWTE12
: Color cream
: Grade Premium
: Price $7.00
: Common Name Cork Flooring
: Construction Solid
: Finish High Resistance Ceramic
: Thickness 7/16
: Width 12
: Length 36
: Carton Quantity 22.99 Square Feet/Carton
: Warranty 15 year

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