The 12"x 12" Sedona Porcelain Floating tile belongs the Avaire Standard Collection. There are a total of four differnt stlyes. The Standard Collection tiles do require the use of the Avaire underlayment. The Avaire Standard collection can not be intermixed with the Avaire Choice Collection or the Avaire Select Collection.


Real Porcelain

Our stunning porcelain tiles are designed utilizing the most advanced screening technologies available on the market today. The result? You get a high fidelity, natural looking stone, at remarkable prices.

Real Fast

Our unique installation system floats — it is not fixed to the subfloor. That means that you don't have to purchase extra products such as thinset or backer board. And unlike traditional tiles, you can grout the same day, which significantly reduces installation time and allows you to use your floor much faster.

Real Easy

Our tiles are less moisture-absorbent than traditional tile which makes them much easier to clean. And since Avaire is a floating floor and not fixed to a subfloor, a single tile can easily be replaced as opposed to traditional tile, which is far more difficult and expensive to repair.

Price : $4.88

Quantity Piece  

Project Calculator

: Name Sedona
: Product Id 210160201
: Grade Premium-Standard
: Price $4.88
: Common Name Porcelain Tile
: Construction Solid
: Thickness 14mm
: Width 12"
: Length 12"
: Carton Quantity 8 Piece
: Warranty 5 year Limited Warranty

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