Ultimate Tool Kit

Ultimate Tool Kit


"It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools."
Unknown frustrated craftsman

If the poor workman hates his tools, the good workman hates poor tools. Working with defective or poorly designed tools, even the finest craftsman is reduced to producing inferior work - and is reduced to being an inferior craftsman. No craftsman that aspires to the highest standards in his profession will accept such tools; and no employer or customer, if they demand quality work, will ask the craftsman to accept them.

At Ultimate Tool, Inc. we create the ultimate tools for the ultimate craftsmen. If you're looking for the finest quality, heavy-duty, best-designed tools for your trade, you've come to the right place. Innovation is our middle name - at Ultimate Tool we're committed to building better tools that help make your job easier.

Ultimate Tool Flooring Installation Kit

Includes the following items:

  • One 24’ heavy duty pull bar with 7” end
  • One 24” heavy duty pull bar with 2-1/2” end
  • One 24” x 3” 3 lb. tapping block
  • One 6-1/2” x 3” tapping block
  • Ten ½” x 2” x 3” spacers

Each pull bar has a replaceable and very durable Ultra High Density Plastic
or Delrin anvil and high density foam on the bottom to protect your flooring.

The tools you receive may vary slightly from the tools in the attached photographs. I have made slight changes based on feedback from other flooring professionals.

Price : $199.79

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Ultimate Tool Kit
: Name Ultimate Tool Kit
: Product Id Ultimate-Tool
: Price $199.79
: Carton Quantity 1 Piece

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