Bamboo Horizontal Mahogany (Semi-Gloss)

Bamboo Horizontal Mahogany (Semi-Gloss)

Bamboo Horizontal Mahogany (Semi-Gloss)

Bamboo flooring is a natural product made of giant bamboo stalks specially grown for the construction   industry.  Bamboo only takes 4 years to reach maturity and will grow back thicker and strong after each harvest. This provides bamboo to be more environmentally friendly than hardwoods.

v  Bamboo flooring is harder than most species of the maple family and more stable than oak to temperature and moisture change.

v  Bamboo flooring is more durable to resisting wear through due to its higher density as compared with most hardwood.

v  Bamboo flooring is elegant and beautiful with its unique and exotic design.

v  Factory pre-finished bamboo flooring is extremely scratch resistant because it is finished with 11  coats  anti-abrasive aluminum oxide.

v  Traditional Bamboo flooring is fully sandable and repairable when it is necessary.

v  Our Bamboo Flooring is a high quality product with ISO9002 certification.

v  Our Bamboo exclusively utilizes Moso Bamboo stalks which have matured beyond five years of growth. This type of bamboo is Double Grade A standard and produces a far superior product for both our Traditional Bamboo line and our Strand Weave Bamboo product.

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Bamboo Horizontal Mahogany (Semi-Gloss)
: Name Bamboo Horizontal Mahogany (Semi-Gloss)
: Product Id G36MH-G
: Color Mahogany
: Grade Premium
: Price $
: Common Name Bamboo
: Construction Solid
: Finish Aluminum Oxide Semi-Gloss
: Thickness 5/8"
: Width 3 3/4"
: Length 37 1/2"
: Carton Quantity 23.4 Square Feet/Carton
: Warranty 25 Years Finish Wear/Lifetime Structural Warranty

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