Bamboo Strand Woven Ash Brown

Bamboo Strand Woven Ash Brown

Bamboo Strand Woven Ash Brown

Bamboo flooring is a natural product made of giant bamboo stalks specially grown for the construction   industry.  Bamboo only takes 4 years to reach maturity and will grow back thicker and strong after each harvest. This provides bamboo to be more environmentally friendly than hardwoods.

v  Bamboo flooring is harder than most species of the maple family and more stable than oak to temperature and moisture change.

v  Bamboo flooring is more durable to resisting wear through due to its higher density as compared with most hardwood.

v  Bamboo flooring is elegant and beautiful with its unique and exotic design.

v  Factory pre-finished bamboo flooring is extremely scratch resistant because it is finished with 11  coats  anti-abrasive aluminum oxide.

v  Traditional Bamboo flooring is fully sandable and repairable when it is necessary.

v  Our Bamboo Flooring is a high quality product with ISO9002 certification.

v  Our Bamboo exclusively utilizes Moso Bamboo stalks which have matured beyond five years of growth. This type of bamboo is Double Grade A standard and produces a far superior product for both our Traditional Bamboo line and our Strand Weave Bamboo product. 


STRAND Weave… The wave to the future

The new and improved generation of bamboo flooring

Our newest addition to our vast inventory has arrived. It is Strand Woven Bamboo and it is virtually indestructible and harder than most hardwood floors.  It is a one piece board, which makes it extremely durable and very easy to care for and refinish.

Manufacturing Process?

The procedure starts by stripping 6 year old Moso bamboo stalks, then after boiling in water and a boric acid solution to remove sugars (a termite attractant) and to inhibit fungus and mold growth the strips are dried and the material is woven with Dynea, an extremely low VOC plasticizer from Finland.

This strand woven board is then milled in a German molding machine which assures accuracy.  After milling, the boards are sanded and coated with 11 layers of UV coat, 4 layers of which is Aluminum Oxide Finish.

Finished, Strand Woven bamboo floors have a rich texture that is extremely durable at an incredible 2820 PSI.  Strand Woven Bamboo is as hard as Iron Wood (2890 PSI) , or Brazilian Cherry (2820 PSI) but, Strand Woven is so much easier to work with and more affordable compared to Exotic woods.

Tongue and groove Strand Woven Bamboo flooring installs like regular conventional wood floors.  They are milled on all four sides so no special installation techniques are required. Our material is so advanced that that it can be nailed, glued (using 100% polyurethane mastic) or floated over a thin foam mat where only the edges are glued.

v  Size= 72” x 3 ¾” x 5/8”

v  Colors available: Rosewood, Natural, WalnutWhiskey & Ash Brown

v  Data:

v  Density: 1120kg/M3

v  Hardness 2850 PSI

v  Impact intensity: 114.7kg/cm3

v  Emission of formaldehyde value: 0.02-0.07mg/M3 (European 1st standard is 0.13mg/M3)

Price : $

Quantity Square Feet  

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Project Calculator

Bamboo Strand Woven Ash Brown
: Name Bamboo Strand Woven Ash Brown
: Product Id G72SWAB-M
: Color Ash Brown
: Grade Premium
: Price $
: Common Name Bamboo
: Construction Solid
: Finish Matte
: Thickness 5/8"
: Width 3 3/4"
: Length 72"
: Carton Quantity 23 Square Feet/Carton
: Warranty 25 Years Finish Wear/Lifetime Structural Warranty

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