Bamboo Carbonized Distressed

Bamboo Carbonized Distressed

BAMBOO is a highly renewable alternative wood flooring product. While many people envision that Bamboo plants are harvested like most trees, they are actually cut above the root structure, which remains in place and grows again. Additionally, Bamboo grows very quickly and harvests occur generally after a 3-4 years after planting, while most trees take up to 60 ( sixty ) years to mature. Bamboo plants can grow 6 inches a day and for that reason, Bamboo deforestation is almost impossible.

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Bamboo Carbonized Distressed
: Name Bamboo Carbonized Distressed
: Product Id HBF-HSC501
: Color Carbonized
: Grade Premium
: Common Name Bamboo
: Construction Solid
: Finish Aluminum Oxide
: Thickness 5/8"
: Width 6"
: Length Rdm
: Carton Quantity 25.13 Square Feet/Carton
: Warranty 20 year

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